SmartVision® Tunable Color Lighting

The LED IoT solution is designed to enhance brand experience.

April 10th, 2017

LSI Industries announced the launch of its new LED IoT (Internet of Things) solution, SmartVision® tunable color downlights. This lighting is designed to enhance brand experience, maximize sales, and reduce energy costs. Smartvision® allows retailers to select colors that best fit their needs. The tunable color downlights can be programmed to change color in a preset sequence, and programs can also be downloaded as needed to support in-store promotions, according to the company.

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LSI Industries SmartVision® Tunable Color

Commercial Construction Renovation

March 29, 2017

LSI Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: LYTS), the industry’s only single source supplier of lighting, graphics and technologies that enhance brand images and establish meaningful customer experiences, today announced the launch of SmartVision® tunable color downlights. The new tunable color lighting solution is designed to enhance retailers’ abilities to use programmable color LED lighting to increase customer visits and lengths of stay, focus attention on select areas and products in the store, create unique and desirable lighted environments, increase product sales and reduce energy costs.

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